The Human-Shaped Reconstruction Kit is a set of wooden blocks designed by visual artist Kai Ruohonen. Conceptually, the set refers to human infrastructure, to the functionality and relationship between humanity and the fundamental structures we maintain. The reconstruction kit can also be seen as a vehicle and a tool for play. The blocks give a tangible form for the content of play. The reconstruction kit can be treated as a doll, an object representing a person or a human action, or it can function as the user’s self-portrait, a miniature sculptural likeness.

Each variation made from the components of the reconstruction kit is a unique structural solution that the builder has bound to the chosen moment. The configurations of the component parts permit endless variety. Playing with the components, the user can discover an endless number of variations and ways to join the blocks together. The wooden block is made of recyclable material: it can always be reinvented again.

The human-shaped Reconstruction Kit is a registered trademark, and all accessories created in its name are enjoy copyright protection. All products bearing the trademark of the Human-Shaped Reconstruction Kit are designed with safety in mind. The reconstruction kit is made to last and to develop along with its user.

The Human-Shaped Reconstruction Kit and its variations have been used in multi-disciplinary art projects and for non-profit purposes since 2007. Its target groups have included individuals of all ages, cultures, and levels of development in Finland, Russia, Latvia, Denmark, Namibia, South Africa, and Mozambique.