KO-KOO-MO is a visual art concept created by puppeteer Roosa Halme, artist Kai Ruohonen and cultural producer Annukka Ketola. The team can best be described as creative, inspired and hard-working.


kai_tommi_katajisto_web.jpgKai Ruohonen (b.1969), Visual Artist

Kai Ruohonen is a visual artist and father of the KO-KOO-MO concept. A highly innovative and enthusiastic personality, Ruohonen continues to develop new block ideas, graphic forms and development initiatives. With his extensively international orientation, he spurs the team to take on new challenges. Ruohonen’s responsibilities in the project include product development and commercialisation, graphic materials, exhibitions, copyright issues, contacts with international projects, and the production of artistic content together with the rest of the team.


roosa_kuva_tommi_katajisto_web.jpgRoosa Halme (b. 1982), Puppeteer, Musician

Roosa Halme is a puppeteer and musician whose artistic competences provide a foundation for the further development of the KO-KOO-MO concept. She is an ingenuous performer who never fails to capture the attention of her audience. Her empathy,  daptability and receptiveness allow sensitive and even difficult issues to be processed in the workshops. Roosa keeps her finger on the pulse of the art world, tirelessly renewing her work, performances and workshops. Her responsibilities in KO-KOO-MO include the production of artistic content, workshop planning and management, music, development of therapeutic methods, initiatives, training, and product development together with Kai Ruohonen.


annukka_tommi_katajisto2013_web.jpgAnnukka Ketola (b. 1979), Cultural Producer
annukka@ko-koo-mo.fi / / +358 (0)40 735 3972

Annukka Ketola is an innovative cultural producer whose strength is managing large wholes and recognising opportunities. She also specialises in business development for creative enterprises. Annukka is a founding member of the Kallo Works co-op. In KO-KOO-MO her responsibilities include coordination, communications, marketing, project management, practical matters and business development.

The values that underlie the activities of KO-KOO-MO are a local perspective, with particular emphasis on Pori, Satakunta and Finland; the will and opportunity to expand without limits; environmental awareness; social entrepreneurship; fair practices; and openness and transparency.