KO-KOO-MO is a environment-friendly, local, limitless, and social art concept.



Kai Ruohonen, visual artist

Kai is an artist, and the concept is based on his vision. He is an innovative and fast-paced doer, who is in charge of the constantly evolving blocks, the graphic designs, and the development projects. Kai is an international artist who encourages the team to take on new challenges.



Roosa Halme, puppeteer and musician

Roosa is a puppeteer and a composer, whose strong artistic knowledge has been the foundation on which the concept has developed. Roosa is a spontaneous performer, who invariably captures the audience’s attention. Roosa is an emphatic person, and thanks to her fast adaptability and discretion, the workshops can deal with even the most delicate and difficult issues.



Annukka Ketola, agent for community art

is an innovative cultural producer, whose strength is seeing the big picture and the endless possibilities. Let’s talk!

annukka@ko-koo- mo.fi / +358 40 7353972

The values that underlie the activities of KO-KOO-MO are a local perspective, with particular emphasis on Pori, Satakunta and Finland; the will and opportunity to expand without limits; environmental awareness; social entrepreneurship; fair practices; and openness and transparency.