We build the freedom to play, to create, and to comprehend!

KO-KOO-MO helps imagination with tools, and inspires to spontaneous building and collaboration. The project's multidimensional concept focuses on the basic factors behind well-being: expression through play, interaction, and problem-solving. Our art is an exploration into innovative thinking.

KO-KOO-MO is a visual art concept based on creativity, free from language and cultural barriers. The concept as a whole does not have s specific target group, as it is flexible and adaptable. The art is created by puppeteer Roosa Halme, visual artist Kai Ruohonen, and cultural producer Annukka Ketola. “I used the blocks for the first time in an exhibition at the Finnish Cultural Institute in Madrid. It was a static piece, and I had used the blocks to create sculptures. But the people who came to see the exhibition had another interpretation: they started to build their own things from the blocks. When the exhibition was over, I brought the blocks to my kids. They started to play with them with their friends. So I started thinking: could I get something more out of the blocks? Could I somehow bring them to life?” Kai Ruohonen, an artist and the father of the concept