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Ko-koo-mo plays, creates and inspires

Blocks become a town right in front of the audience. A helicopter flies over its rooftops. A line of blocks turns into a train that gives a cheerful whistle. A pile of blocks begins to move, changing from a hooting owl into a dancing giraffe. Seeing the puppeteer at work is an almost hypnotic sight. Dead wooden blocks come alive in her hands. An excited buzz goes through the audience. Is there glue, or perhaps magnets, inside the blocks? Or is it pure magic? What is all this about?

There is too little time in the world today for play, creativity, insights and enthusiasm. KO-KOO-MO offers the freedom to create and play in your own way, inspired by tools that light up the imagination. KO-KOO-MO is a visual art concept created by puppeteer Roosa Halme, artist Kai Ruohonen and cultural producer Annukka Ketola. KO-KOO-MO is built around three components: a human-shaped reconstruction kit; the Block Theatre; and a tool for play. Roosa Halme gives performances and conducts workshops using Ruohonen’s reconstruction kit. In the workshops, the wooden blocks become tools for play.

The result of a brainstorm of two innovative artists in Pori in autumn 2011, the KO-KOO-MO concept has captured the imagination of audiences across Finland and also abroad. An essential element of the KO-KOO-MO philosophy is play. The objects employed in the concept are equally suitable for children, young people, adults, senior citizens and special needs groups. The blocks represent a condensation of the essence of play: they promote spontaneous building, creativity and collaboration. KO-KOO-MO is a versatile concept and a set of tools for using play to express your emotions or to engage in problem solving and social interaction.

KO-KOO-MO is an ongoing concept run by a dedicated and innovative trio. The work of Halme, Ruohonen and Ketola can best be described with the words creativity, enthusiasm and dedication. The values that underlie the activities of KO-KOO-MO are a local perspective, with particular emphasis on Pori, Satakunta and Finland; the will and opportunity to expand without limits; environmental awareness; social agency; fair practices; and openness and transparency.

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