Living sculpture

Living Sculpture is the user’s self-portrait, constrained by the shape and number of blocks.

The raw material reserves of the earth limit the ways in which humanity moulds itself and the environment. Just like the human individual, the Living Sculpture is also a manifestation of the moment: both operate in the world for a while, only to be transformed once more into raw material awaiting a new form. It is the same with buildings blocks as with natural resources: it is crucial to maintain the balance of the structure and to avoid losing components that may be important also to others.

Living Sculpture is made up of simple and abstract wooden blocks, which are thematically neutral to allow all kinds uses. The blocks are finished without any chemical substances, and the wood itself is selected with an eye to durability (safety and longevity) as well as natural colour. A tree is hygienic: it cleans itself, and continues to breathe even after it has been cut down. The Living Sculpture is 100% recyclable – it is practically eternal.

Living Sculpture can be mounted or moved to any location with a minimum of logistic effort: it is compact, can be fitted into a small space, and requires no special installation or transportation.

Living Sculpture can be booked for all kinds of venues and spaces.

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Tommi Katajisto/Kallo Works
Jarkko Montonen/ Porin videotuki

Revitalization of the sculpture:
Kulttuuritalo Annankatu 6