Variation 1

Variation I is a new performance by the Block Theatre. It tells about creation and destruction, how deeply both forces reside in us: how important forms are for us, how we cherish them, yet how we have an archaic desire to destroy them. The performance is dramatised and directed by the internationally acclaimed theatre director Yana Tumina from St Petersburg.

Director’s Statement

Creating a performance with nothing but wooden blocks is perhaps the most intriguing and surprising proposal I had received for years. I was not quite sure of the idea at first, but after the first five rehearsals with Roosa, it was clear to me that we had unique material in our hands, and an almost endless potential. In the theatrical context, the blocks proved to be an enormously rich vocabulary which allowed us to build all sorts of “towers” to depict situations and themes. Creation and destruction, freedom and restriction emerged naturally as primary themes; you could say they reflect the very essence of a block construction... using wooden blocks, we immediately begin to explore the forces of construction and destruction within ourselves, the beginning and the end of form…

The unique wood block drama arises from the tension between suprematism – the regularity of geometric patterns and motion in space – and archetypal characters and situations that are easily recognisable thanks to their primitivism.

Our message is not intended for any specific target or age group. It is a sincere, serious exploration of ourselves in this world and of the relationship between us and our creations.

Variation 1 is the beginning of a story that can be extended through the study of basic geometric shapes in wood that are unique in their eternal simplicity.

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Video: Tommi Katajisto